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keep out 01:32
aschekreuz 03:06
nicht bereit 05:20
gier 08:08
d.e.c. 04:55
python rogue 02:16


the lyrics are available at: www.nontoxiquelost.de/ntl/NTL_lyrics_song_VLUS_cd_text.pdf

this album is available as CD at 'KlangGalerie' (Vienna): www.klanggalerie.com/gg406


released July 16, 2022

artwork by Fiat Pompeius
sounds by DJ Vrhovny + Sea Wanton
mastered by DJ Vrhovny

LIQUID SKY ARTISTCOLLECTIVE: "iN Ch@0S iT AlL stArt3D in CH@0S IT w1lL 3nD!!" (from LSB-TV site, 2021)

Solange du dich nicht änderst (As long as you don't change)

ist mir echt egal
ob du von der Brücke springst
ist mir echt egal
ob du auf der U-bahn reitest
ist mir echt egal
ob dich Sekt und Geld vergiften
ist mir echt egal
ob du keinen Sinn mehr siehst
und ist mir echt egal
ob du einfach weiterlügst
und ist mir echt egal
ob die Macht dich korrumpiert
ist mir aber nicht egal
ist mir aber nicht egal
ob du dich auch mal änderst
ist mir aber nicht egal
solange du dich nicht änderst
bist du mir egal
echt egal ...

I really don't care
whether you jump from the bridge
I really don't care
whether you ride the subway
I really don't care
whether champagne and money poison you
I really don't care
if you don't see any meaning anymore
and I really don't care
if you just keep lying
and I really don't care
whether the power corrupts you
but I wonder
but I wonder
if you will change yourself somewhen
but I wonder
I don’t care
as long as you will not change yourself
I don't care about you
really don't care ...
don’t care

"... I find it frustrating when presented with an album such as this. I'd love to be able to tell you what a great contribution NON TOXIQUE LOST have made to Man's strive towards musical enlightment. Unfortunately I'm resigned to meticulously and clinically dissecting this effort in order to find out what's lacking. Suffice to say it grates, from the cover and contents through to the press release. The whole thing recks of pretension, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth and a howl of derision from my speakers. Their calculated approach ensures any real emotion is soon filtered out, and sacrificed in the pursuit of a sound that is designed to be as bland as to please all of the people all of the time. The affected vocals sit awkwardly on a collection of bumbling songs that lack inspiration, punch and soul. All in all it's very German..." (Marcus Lagone, The Avantgarde World)


all rights reserved



Non Toxique Lost Berlin, Germany

Sea Wanton: "...After Auschwitz there's still a place like Guantanamo. And there other games played than "Blackjack" ..." (2011, Berlin)

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