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by Non Toxique Lost

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untergang 06:26
buchenwald 03:13


originally released on CD (digipak) by 'Klanggalerie' (Vienna).
you can buy this 'physical' stuff at 'Klanggalerie'


or try your luck at 'discogs'.

the whole live-program (at the 'KLANG25' festival, 2018, in Vienna) was recorded in the studio again and corresponds relatively exactly to the live experience.

the lyrics are available at: www.nontoxiquelost.de/ntl/NTL_lyrics_song_sota_cd_text.pdf

At one of our meetings here in Berlin, I suggested Walter Robotka (label boss of 'Klanggalerie' (Vienna)) also to invite the projects / bands of his label to play live. His arguments and his concerns, that he has no experience in concert management, were not ignorable. But for the anniversary of his label (2018 'Klanggalerie' was already 25 years old!), he invited some of the most interesting projects (John Avery (Hula), Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk), Zahgurim, Ron Wright (Hula), Thighpaulsandra (Coil), Tabor Radosti, Zea (The Ex), Renaldo & The Loaf, Rapoon (Zoviet France), and Eric Random (Cabaret Voltaire). They were to perform live at the 'Replugged' club in Vienna and present their current music to the listeners. For 'Non Toxique Lost' he also offered to cover travel expenses and hotel costs. We (in 'Non Toxique Lost') intended to attend this event with Achim Wollscheid, Jammin 'Unit, DJ Verhovny and Sea Wanton. But there were some problems and, finally, there was a line-up on 6/16/2018 only from Jammin' Unit + Sea Wanton. On sunday, the organizers of the festival (Lisa and Walter) met some of the participating artists (and their escorts) for breakfast. Talking about music, getting to know the artists (outside of the music business) will stay with me in good memory. Yes, it is good that there are such people, such music, such differences that indicate a beneficial contrast to the current trend of conformity, indifference and nationalism. The concert was filmed, however, there were no explicit sound recordings of it. 2 weeks later, the whole program was recorded in the studio again and corresponds relatively exactly to the live experience. (liner notes by Sea Wanton, Berlin, 2018)

videos are available at 'YouTube', filmed by (1) G. Greulich and (2) Kai Parviainen aka 'eSyringe' (thank you very much!).

(1) www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTcoLXi5XPM

(2) www.youtube.com/watch?v=31XQtqSJNNM


released October 22, 2019

samples by Dan Reay, J. Schulze, DJ Vrhovny, transformed and modified by Sea Wanton.
lyrics of (1.) by J. Stender
lyrics of (2.) by Wilfred Owen, 1917
lyrics of (9.) by H. Roth
mastered by Jammin' Unit (Berlin, 2019)
compiled by Sea Wanton (Berlin, 2018)

"... I find it frustrating when presented with an album such as this. I'd love to be able to tell you what a great contribution NON TOXIQUE LOST have made to Man's strive towards musical enlightment. Unfortunately I'm resigned to meticulously and clinically dissecting this effort in order to find out what's lacking. Suffice to say it grates, from the cover and contents through to the press release. The whole thing recks of pretension, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth and a howl of derision from my speakers. Their calculated approach ensures any real emotion is soon filtered out, and sacrificed in the pursuit of a sound that is designed to be as bland as to please all of the people all of the time. The affected vocals sit awkwardly on a collection of bumbling songs that lack inspiration, punch and soul. All in all it's very German..." (Rita Claywood, The Avantgarde World)


all rights reserved



Non Toxique Lost Berlin, Germany

Sea Wanton: "...After Auschwitz there's still a place like Guantanamo. And there other games played than "Blackjack" ..." (2011, Berlin)

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