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puma marder bambi

by Non Toxique Lost

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16 04:08
rock'n roll 00:04
zgdg 49:37


Technical note : recordings are never flawless. Although a lot of time and dedication went into mastering, some minor drop-outs, distortion or digital clicks might occur.

sitting relaxed in front of the tv. watching the (german) 'bambi' award (in 2016) and / but --- there must be something more !! the german writer + poet 'Kai Pohl' has shown in his image, how the (german) military products are labelled: ultra-modern fight- and warmachines get the names of animals (whose abilities pretend to be 'characteristic' for those weapons). already in the end of the 70s the band 'Mittagspause' had mentioned this kind of naming in the song 'Ernstfall' (emergency): "...emergency it had already happened. normal conditions way back. roland marder wiesel phantom. albatros milan tornado.out of the armouries of the nation..." (lyrics by Peter Hein)

ps. the title of this album was planned as 'vom blassen mond und anderen akademischen details' (which translates to: 'about the pale moon and other academic details'). but after the song 'blasser mond' (pale moon) had been eliminated from the selected songs and this cover of the 'Great Rock'n Roll Swindle' album (with the the song + the image of 'Who killed Bambi'?) had passed my inner eye...

(liner notes by Sea Wanton)


released January 19, 2017

compiled by Sea Wanton, Berlin 2017
with the help from T.poem (artwork), C. Reichelt (electronic effects), Traxus12 (electronic samples on 'zgdg'), and J. Stender (lyrics of 'sinnvoll leben'). album title and the 'zgdg' song are inspired by an image of Kai Pohl. watch the '16' song on 'YouTube' (visuals by Achim Wollscheid).


"... I find it frustrating when presented with an album such as this. I'd love to be able to tell you what a great contribution NON TOXIQUE LOST have made to Man's strive towards musical enlightment. Unfortunately I'm resigned to meticulously and clinically dissecting this effort in order to find out what's lacking. Suffice to say it grates, from the cover and contents through to the press release. The whole thing recks of pretension, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth and a howl of derision from my speakers. Their calculated approach ensures any real emotion is soon filtered out, and sacrificed in the pursuit of a sound that is designed to be as bland as to please all of the people all of the time. The affected vocals sit awkwardly on a collection of bumbling songs that lack inspiration, punch and soul. All in all it's very German..." (Charles Tremboy, The Avantgarde World)


all rights reserved



Non Toxique Lost Berlin, Germany

Sea Wanton: "...After Auschwitz there's still a place like Guantanamo. And there other games played than "Blackjack" ..." (2011, Berlin)

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